Program Overview

We offer a Gang Prevention and Education school based program that can be tailored to a after school program for high school students in 9th through 12th grade. For a successful program partnership with Public Schools and Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force is highly recommended. The Gang Prevention and Intervention Coordinator will oversee the program and meet with Impel, LLC Program Director and school staff representative to coordinate programming. We are happy to reach out to schools and task force.

This prosed school based/after school program will serve multiple purposes. By partnering with the Northern Virginia Gang Task Force and taking a collaborative approach, the program will have a direct impact that will; Provide a fun and safe place for high school students during the school day.  Provide positive interactions with caring adult role models. Encourage and develop life skills, respect for themselves and others, positive social interactions. Introduce and engage youth in positive, potential life-long recreational pursuits. Provide an academic support and bridge cultural gaps.

Indirect, the implementation of the program is expected to: Support an active learning environment in the school. Provide a balanced and stable social emotional environment for youth participants. Effectively increase health, wellness, and fitness for youth. Potentially decrease juvenile crime and negative behavior.

Program Schedule Option (ask about more options)

The school based program will follow the Public School academic calendar. This 12-week program is scheduled to facilitate once a week, for 1 hour, workshops for identified students, not to exceed 12 students per cohort. The program will take place during school hours Monday through Friday. The program scheduled time and dates will be identified in coordination with the Gang Task Force and the school.  

Enrollment and Attendance requirements

Do to the fact that the program will take place during school hours and at a school, students are not “required” to attend. Daily sign-in will be required. School/academic performance supersedes program attendance. 

Program participants are expected to adhere to the rules enforced during the school day. This includes any rules regarding attire and dress code, respect for authority, and being in the appropriate area of the school facility.