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Circumstances can and will change. Do you have the desire for change and are ready to create your true vision? You took action by looking through this site and looking for support. You are actually taking the first steps into your bright, balanced, healthy life.

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2020-05-05 13_48_04-Impel (@impelyourlife) • Instagram photos and videos
Winter Food Drive 2019
8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Washington, D.C.

Help us feed those in need. Join us December 15, 2019 or send us a donation we can use towards more food. Share our...



Jocelyn Hong

All kids should meet a mentor like Alvaro. Dedicated, kind, understanding yet firm. The right amount of guidance and flexibility. He helped my son avoid danger at a critical time. He’s a superhero!!

Julio Chacon


Since I’ve known Alvaro he has worked diligently with commitment and passion. He is a positive role model for youth and families. I’ve worked closely with Alvaro in the past and his efforts and understanding of families and youth shows the positive attitude towards them. He was a great co-worker and better yet a good friend. Definitely a great person and overall.


Pamela Sejas


I have and will continue to recommend the services provided by Impel to people I know in my personal life and as a professional. The founder, Alvaro, is passionate about the work he does, and has created a network of professionals who share his drive and vision for youth, family and community services. His ability to impact the lives of the children and families he works with is just as genuine and impactful in his professional connections. I have witnessed first hand how much a child can benefit from the guidance of a mentor like Alvaro, and am confident that his work ethic is reflected in the staff he has at Impel.


Francina O


I was very fortunate to have found this amazing organization to help my teen navigate some tough moments, he was going through. Alvaro and Miguel have been such a great resource with so much wisdom. My son has truly enjoyed getting to know Miguel and working with him. He looks forward to the time they spend together and has developed in a positive manner over the time they have been working together. Some of the activities included going fishing, playing basketball, going to watch a basketball game and helping him with some work. I highly recommend getting in touch with Alvaro and seeing how he can be a resource for your child.

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