Alvaro Alarcon is the Founder and Program Director for Impel, LLC, and an agency providing education, life coaching, professional development, and presentation services for youth, parents, and professionals.  Alvaro is also the author of “Keep it moving: A journal for self-exploration” a self-help e-book. More recently Alvaro established a 501(c)(3) non-profit called Spaces by Impel. Alvaro Chairs Spaces and acts as the Executive Director for the youth led agency. Alvaro has acquired an extensive amount of knowledge in project management, law enforcement as a Juvenile Probation Officer, working directly with youth, parents, and professionals along with over a decade of business experience. As Founder of Impel, he is committed to helping create a world of radiant human beings that are actively manifesting their dreams and gifts into reality. Although Alvaro has had many achievements, his biggest accomplishment is now, sharing techniques and empowering young people to find their own life-balance, joyful and overflowing with love and the daily magic of life. 

For rates on presentations please email or contact 202-644-6812 MINIMUM 20 PARTICIPANTS

  1. Youth and substance use
  2. Youth Development 
  3. Social media and families
  4. The game of starting a new business
  5. Classroom management
  6. Understanding home-based services
  7. I hate my job… what do I do
  8. Part-time job / full-time job vs. starting a business
  9. From idea to reality
  10. I need to change my life 


Alvaro Alarcon
Founder / Program Director and Author