What is Spaces?

A free, youth led, after-school teen enrichment program, which meets twice a week (Thursday and Friday). This highly engaging program is for males grades 8-12. We aim to address social-emotional stability, inspire, and challenge youth and their families to live healthy happy lives.  Youth will have the opportunity to create, motivate, and leave the program with more confidence, self-advocacy skills, and higher self-worth.

SPACES is located at the Shell Community Center, located at 870 S Greenbrier St., Arlington, VA 22204 and operates from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., (Thursday and Friday).

What to look forward to

  • Participating in a documentary
  • Getting paid to attend the program
  • Meeting people and professionals from various backgrounds and experiences
  • Activities based on business, finance, technology, STEM, music, and art.
  • Being involved in community service projects
  • FREE end of the year CAMPING TRIP (June 2022)

Minimum program qualifications

  • Youth must be English speaking. No language requirements for parent/guardians
  • This after-school program is for males grades 8-12
  • Must be enrolled in school
  • Cannot be under the supervision of juvenile court services

Other program qualifications

  • Mandatory participation in all Thursday workshops from 5 p.m. – 9 p.m., until June 2022.
  • Mandatory involvement/engagement and participation in community service projects.
  • Mandatory involvement/engagement and participation in self-projects.
  • Parent/guardians must be willing to volunteer


Creative Youth Development “CYD”, a theory practice that integrates creative skill-building, inquiry, and expression with positive youth development principles. With a focus on developing strengths. The staff will be trained in trauma informed practices and other trainings such as strength based learning and motivational interviewing.


Programing will include various learning opportunities including field trips, visits from guest speakers, personal projects, hands-on–learning, and community engagements. Spaces, will be a place for young people to come together and develop or enhance skills to become productive citizens, work in groups, become more responsible with their time management and gain self-confidence.

The program will house a life laboratory where participants will have access to the equipment needed to create and explore. This commitment to hands-on learning will be guided by participants, but led by Spaces staff.